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Guidelines & Policies

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Submission Process

  1. Begin the process by completing a C-M Books / Cushing-Malloy desktop checklist.  It is an easy and convenient electronically fillable form that will save everyone a lot of time by providing us with the details necessary to begin processing your files.
  2. Prepare your file(s) for submission to C-M Books / Cushing-Malloy using the PDF creation guidelines and support files below. We can also accept Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress files natively and providing them in addition to PDF files, along with any used fonts and art, is encouraged. See below for file transfer methods.
  3. When we receive your file(s) they will be preflighted. Our prepress technicians do both a manual & automated preflight to ensure your files are appropriate for printing. C-M Books / Cushing-Malloy has an experienced team of prepress technicians to ensure your project is completed with an eye towards detail/quality and in a timely manner. 

Guidelines for File Preparation:

Please click the links for general file preparation guidelines and software configuration files. It is best to read the guidelines early in your project preparation. Feel free to contact your sales/customer service representatives with any questions at that time so we may assist you.

Files are accepted via FTP (contact a C-M representative for FTP login information), e-mail (total attachments under 5 MB, compress fonts to prevent corruption), CD, DVD, and by third-party transfer service (many of which are free of charge such as and

Camera-Ready Copy (lasers {reflective copy}) supplied to be scanned:

We offer scanning services for those who do not have access to files (such as an older out of print book).  Be sure to provide the cleanest copy available. 

Remember, the goal in scanning is to preserve as much detail from the original as possible.  Dirt and printing imperfections can be included in this detail.  Be sure to provide details concerning any enlargement or reductions, preferred margins, etc.