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Environmental Initiatives

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We want to reduce our impact on our earth’s natural resources. We know there is only one world for everyone to share, and we are doing our part to preserve what we have for the next generation. That's why we take every opportunity to reduce, reuse, and recycle materials, solvents, and energy. We are proud supporting members of the Green Press Initiative. C-M Books / Cushing-Malloy is FSC® certified.

Thanks to C-M Books / Cushing-Malloy's conservation efforts, we are able to save on average:

6,678 Trees per year
1,296 Cubic yards of landfill per year
2,472,110 Gallons of water per year
1,610,660 Kilowatts of electricity per year
23,571 Pounds of air pollutants per year

"I greatly appreciate all the work you have put into getting the recycled paper issue up-and-running at Cushing-Malloy on our titles…You and your staff truly make life a lot easier for us."
– Bob Bol, Baker Publishing Group